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Michelle is a voyager from another dimension and also from all four corners and the middle of England. She aims to live well by jamming her mind openShe received a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Exeter, and has a Postgraduate Certificate in Social Sciences (specializing in discourse analysis), and studied psychoanalysis in London. She's interested in the connection between language and being human.


Before moving to Italy, she worked in Spain and Japan. She's qualified in TESOL through Trinity College, qualified as a legal secretary through the ILSPA; she used to sell fine art in a gallery and worked as a luxury event manager. In Tokyo, she coached US teens on essay-writing and taught language arts at a prestigious junior high school. She worked in hospitality for 15 years. During the 2009 recession, she cleaned a cinema in Shoreditch and saw a lot of films. 

When she was three, she was determined to understand an article about the Egyptian pyramids in the Radio Times, and has been madly into reading ever since. She wishes more of her friends IRL wrote fiction and she often thinks about what could've been if either a) she was able to afford an MA or b) she hadn't wasted time and resources on writing. She recently started learning to draw. In her free time she learns languages and researches education, acting, public relations, photo essays, art history, and other curiosities.  


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