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One Summer Evening (June 2014)

 Aoyama Cemetery,  iPhone 3. 

Local Matsuri (July, 2018)

I lived in Kamiikebukuro, in Northern Tokyo, from September 2015 to April 2019. As the older buildings were demolished and rebuilt, many young people moved to the area. A weekend of summer festivities was organised by the local shrine in 2018. The odori was held in the park. 

Tsukiji Fish Market (September 2018)

Kyoto at New Year (2018/ 2019)

Koenji Hanami (March 2019)

Every year when the cherry blossom sakura blooms in Japan, crowds of people gather in parks for picnics and hanami parties. 

Extinction Rebellion, London (14th April, 2019)

Climate change protesters took over the streets of London in April 2019. It seems ironic people in the UK are protesting when so much more pollution and waste occurs elsewhere

Occupy London (2011)
From a Nokia Mobile Phone.

Pompeii (August, 2021)

In late 79AD, Mount Vesuvius erupted, sending a pyroclastic flow towards the city of Pompeii. The ruins reveal a large and jovial town, providing a sense of its lively residents, who decorated both themselves and their homes in opulent finery. However, although once buried beneath layers of ash, the streets of Pompeii are, today, far from deserted, as tourism in Italy regains momentum post-Covid.

Lomowalk x Vinokilo (September, 2022)

Published online here . Scroll to the end! 

'Untitled' (October 2023 - ongoing)

It was delightful to have three photos of Cimitero Verano included by the Centro di Formazione Fotografica Contemporanea for an exhibition on 15th October 2023 in Rome. Here is a link to a statement about the project, whose seed took form in 2014 with the 'One Summer Evening' essay and even earlier drawings.

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